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If you didn’t already know, Google gobbled up 65.7% of ALL online searches performed in December of 2009 (according to comScore). This means you need to be able to position your business in front of these potential customers or your competitors will.

Here at our Buffalo, NY SEO firm, we want to dig in hard and dig in fast. We want to hold a strong and steady pace until the very end. Whether it’s a marathon or a sprint, it’s still a competition. The challenge, regardless of your business, is making more profits.

You should be concentrating on making more profits, not more sales. We don’t just do SEO here. We’re more than that. We’ll analyze your business inside and out (as much as you are willing to disclose) and come up with a game plan that will help you win whatever competition you decide to get into.

Here’s a great example:

There was a client that was consistently making a profit of $2,500 every month from 40-45 sales. We made 3 simple changes (the site looked almost exactly the same) and they made that profit in only 4 days! We had boosted their profits by 750%… with less than 20 sales!

As unbelievable as it is, it’s very achievable for clients such as this simply because of appearance. Btw, this was accomplished without increasing traffic whatsoever! By making those 3 simple changes, our client instantly became more credible and each customer ended up purchasing MORE products!

After these 3 simple changes, we proceeded with over a dozen other proven concepts. If you would like to have a free analysis of your website, just request a free analysis from us and one of our highly trained experts will get back with you to share our investigative results and analysis of your current or future business.

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Buffalo SEO – Buffalo Search Engine Marketing – SEO-Architects.com